Anal-Ese - 0.5 Oz.

Anal-Ese - 0.5 Oz.

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Relax For More Enjoyable Anal Sex!


A customer favorite for over 10 years, Anal-Ese takes all the apprehension and anxiety out of anal so you can focus on the pleasure!


• Relaxes your muscles and lightly numbs your nerves for greater comfort
• Lightly rub a small dab in and around the anal area about 5-10 minutes in advance
• Ideal for anal beginners, especially those worried about how anal might feel
• Works with anal toys too so you can build up your backdoor experience gradually
• 100% safe to use with condoms
• Comes in a 1 ounce tube with enough cream for dozens of applications
• Active Ingredient is Benzocaine


This time-tested cream takes the sting out of anal, whether you’re having sex or just experimenting with toys!


It works by eliminating the top two barriers to enjoyable anal sex – tense muscles and hyper-sensitive nerves. Benzocaine, the cream’s active ingredient, naturally relaxes your strong sphincter muscles and prevents them from tensing up all over again. At the same time, it dampens the sensitivity of your nerves. You’ll still feel everything; it just won’t be as intense. With those obstacles out of your way, you and your partner are completely free to experiment with anal penetration and sex.


Apply Anal-Ese by lightly rubbing a finger-tip sized dab in and around your sphincter ring. The cream starts working within 5-10 minutes. Start off slowly with some gentle teasing before inserting a finger to see how your partner responds. They might need another application if they’re more sensitive than average.


Anal-Ese comes in a 1-ounce tube with screw-on lid.